The Cause of Excess Weight

0309201611Every woman wants to have a beautiful figure. The ideal model parameters – 90-60-90. But, unfortunately, not everything turns out as you want. Many women are on a diet, but it is impossible to lose weight. So to lose weight is not as easy as it seems at first glance. So, why women are prone to weight gain.

1. Stress. Many women used to stress “jam”. In many movies you can see a fascinating story – after breaking up with a guy, you need to be sure to eat ice cream (with it a double portion).
2. Nature. Weight is often depends on the nature of man himself. The more mobile and cheerful people are rarely complete.
3. Position. People who took some post always strive to gain weight to add solidity itself.
4. Anxiety. If a person is worried about something, he always tries to eat more than usual.
5. Self-esteem. It is not necessary to postpone the beginning of the good life at a time when excess weight is gone. Live today and right now. It is this setting will accelerate weight loss.

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