The Causes of Herpes

1609201610Many people faced with such a problem as a cold sore on the lips. During the disease there rather unpleasant sensation on the lips. Moreover, to make the wound invisible to the people around almost impossible. This causes some tightness. So, let’s look at the reasons of occurrence of herpes.

1. Malnutrition. Man eats little useful products, giving preference to food from fast food.
2. Stomach disease. These include gastritis or ulcer.
3. Overheating or overcooling. Do not think that herpes on the lips appears only after hypothermia. Many people often appear herpes during their stay at sea.
4. Stress. During stressful situations often cold sores may appear on the lips.
5. Depletion. If you sit on a diet, it is likely that on the background of a weakened immune system, can appear cold sores.
6. Bad habits. Smoking and alcohol consumption may cause rashes on the lips.

In order not to get sick, you need to walk in the fresh air, exercise and eat right.

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