The Consequences Arising From Lack of Sleep

25101615Scientists were able to prove that there is some relationship between memory and sleep.

As a result of research conducted by them, among people aged 50 and 80 years who, for their age had a good memory, it was reported that they slept an average of about 7 hours. In the bed they spent nearly 9 hours, as two hours was spent on something to sleep, or waking up, luxuriate in bed.

Those who, for whatever reason, suffer from insomnia and sleep lasted about 5 hours, at the ripe age of tiredness they have a loss of memory. Also, lack of sleep contributes to plaque formation in the blood vessels, which is accompanied by severe heart disease.

Therefore, a healthy person needs to sleep, on average, 8 hours per day, and, prolonged sleep as well as sleep deprivation, it contributes to various diseases. To avoid sleeplessness, you should normalize your diet, exercise, spend more time in the fresh air, as well, give up bad habits.

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