The Day after a Sleepless Night

Everyone knows how important and useful sleep is for our body. Sleep need about 8 hours a day. During this time the body is completely restored.

However, there are cases when a sleepless night has already occurred. How can you survive the day without unnecessary problems.

1. The car. On this day is best to give up driving. Reaction after a sleepless night is slowed, so it’s better to call a taxi.
2. Work. On this day it is better to refuse to work at the computer. Monotonous work will overtake boredom and sleep.
3. Daytime sleep. At the first opportunity, try to rest during the day. The duration of sleep can be 20-30 minutes. But even after a short sleep, the state of health will be better.
4. A bright dream. After a sleepless night, do not go into dark rooms. There should be a lot of light in the room. So the level of melatonin can be significantly reduced. As you know, it is a sleep hormone.

Dear readers, sleep and sleep. Sleepless nights should be an exception, but not a rule! Sweet Dreams!

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