The Drink, Which Will Help Get Rid of Heartburn

26101612As a result of the fact that some people consume large amounts of oily and spicy food, often they have a heaviness in the stomach, accompanied by heartburn.

Usually these feelings are manifested in the autumn of the year, associated with the change of weather and, as a rule, in the evening, leading to insomnia. To avoid this, you must observe certain rules of supply, eliminating junk food and replace it with vegetable dishes from your diet, as well as dining, not later than two hours before bedtime.

In that case, if the heartburn bothers you sleep, you can make a drink that will promote healthy sleep, but a positive impact on the whole body.

To do this, take a small piece of root ginger, add a teaspoon of turmeric, honey, a little black pepper and all that dissolve in 500 grams of coconut milk and healthy drink is ready. It will help to solve the problem is not only the stomach, but also improve the metabolism, which has a positive effect on the general condition. Moreover, it will help to cope with being overweight.

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