The Dry Air in the Room May Harm Health

03111616With the onset of cold weather we are trying to maintain the optimum temperature in the premises in which spends most of its time.

Many temperature increase using electric heaters, which in addition to the heat burn oxygen and make the air dry.

According to experts, the humidity in the room should be at least 45%, otherwise, a person may have different ailments and even chronic disease.
In order to prevent this, it is necessary to conduct daily wet cleaning and ventilation.

Because of the increased dryness of the air, even quite healthy people may experience headaches, fatigue, weakness and nervousness, as if the apartment contains pets, in such circumstances, their hair can cause allergies.

Being in a room with dry air, it is necessary to use a liquid much as possible, because, in the case of dehydration, may disrupt the work of the kidneys. Best of all, if it is clean drinking water, but in no case do not drink sugary sodas or juices, which are sold in packages.

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