The Golden Rules of Slender Women

130920168Every woman wants to be perfect. This includes appearance, figure. However, with age in women appears more complex. No matter how hard you need to get rid of them. So, what are the rules of harmony?

1. Weigh. Do not weigh yourself often. This will lead to obsession.
2. Restrictions. Do not limit yourself around. Total should be in moderation. Sometimes it is possible to eat a piece of small cake.
3. TV. We must get rid of such habits as lunch at the computer or TV. It is important to eat in a relaxed atmosphere, so that nothing distracted. Do not forget to chew food. Do not swallow the food pieces. Moreover, it is equally important not to skip any meal. If this happens, then the next time you eat twice as much.
4. Activity. Become more active, stop sitting in four walls.
5. Teeth. After the meal, you need to brush your teeth. It will be a kind of barrier that will protect you from the constant snacking.
6. Supermarket. When you are going to the supermarket to eat.
7. Hunger. At sensation of hunger – have a glass of water, and only then begin to eat.

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