The Habit of Biting Your Nails is Very Dangerous

120820169Often people do not even paying attention or being in a strong thought, surviving on any occasion or just because of a bad habit, pulling his hands to his mouth biting, thus, his nails. Since childhood, mothers are told their children that this addiction to anything good does not conduct and cause various diseases. And they are right. Omit the fact that it’s just not aesthetically pleasing to walk with bitten nails.

It is better to remember that every moment in contact with the objects around us, under the nails get germs. According to many scientists, under the nails for their existence, the ideal conditions are created. Such bacteria find themselves in the human body can lead to serious illness caused by infection of the gastrointestinal tract.

Another common problem people constantly biting nails can be called stomatitis. It is always better to think and remember about their health than eventually leave yourself with a bunch of diseases in addition to the broken nails because innocent habits in a fit of emotion chew nails.

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