The Habits that Damage the Skin

1109201610Every woman wants to always look young. To do this, many women not only spend huge amounts of money, but also power. But more often than all the procedures are in vain, because women are not quite the right way of life. So, what has a negative impact on the skin?

1. Smoking. Women who smoke have a faded skin. Additionally, these women will exposed skin aging. The process of smoking triggers the appearance of new wrinkles. In this case, will not help any cosmetic procedure.
2. Alcohol. Liquor promote dehydration of the skin, and it adversely affects the skin condition.
3. Drinks with caffeine. Tea, coffee – contain caffeine. This causes a woman more likely to go to the toilet. As a result – dry skin.
4. The condition of the skin. It is important to monitor the condition of the skin sovey. For example, spicy foods may cause redness.

As you can see, on the condition of the skin have a negative influence bad habits. Women want to be beautiful, but they can not give up bad habits.

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