The harm from passive smoking

03101625I’m sure you all know that passive smoking has an increased risk to human health, that he does not smoke and is just next to smoking.

However, in reality, many people underestimate the degree of harm caused by passive smoking. Recently, representatives of the US Public Health found that inhaling the smoke from cigarettes has a very adverse effects on human health.

For example, if you are sitting next to someone who is smoking a cigarette and inhale the air, then you have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer. In addition, you are seriously reduces the duration of their lives. Even the minimum content of nicotine in the air at regular breathing can reduce life expectancy by 5-6 years.

In this connection, the scientists take the initiative that further tighten restrictions on smoking in public places. According to them, this will allow much more effective to take care of their own health of those people who do not smoke, but at the moment have to breathe cigarette smoke as passive smokers.

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