The Harmful Clothing

220920166Every woman wants to look beautiful and attractive. The easiest way to achieve this with the help of clothes. Cleverly chosen outfit – is half the battle. However, few people know that the beautiful clothes is often fraught with danger.

1. Bra. Daily wearing bra harm to women’s health. Mammary glands are under pressure, and this leads to abuses.
2. Slimming underwear. Now full of girls very often can afford to dress slimming underwear. So it is possible to make the figure more attractive. However, no one says that the internal organs are deprived of normal blood supply.
3. Skinny jeans. Skinny jeans or trousers squeezing the lower abdomen and thigh pants have a negative effect on the uterus and bladder.
4. High collar. High collar on the sweater can degrade the performance of the thyroid gland.
5. Thong. These panties – an excellent carrier of the bacteria. Wearing them can in rare cases.
6. High Heel. For daily output high-heeled shoes do not fit. Shoes must first be comfortable, and then beautiful.

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