The Hazard of the Product, Offers us in the Supermarket

21101617No wonder scientists around the world recommend the use of fresh vegetables and fruits in autumn and summer, because at this time they contain the greatest amount of vitamins and minerals.

In our time, in supermarkets throughout the year, you can buy almost any fruit and vegetables. Going to the store in winter, look catches on apples that attract their appearance, but there are many benefits in such products. One is that they are not to deteriorate over time, already alarming.

The fact that the manufacturers of chemical solution process, which is very harmful for our body. For example, eating an apple, we think we have filled up the body with useful substances, and actually caused him harm.

Those lemons, which are kept in stores for months, do not eat with zest, since it contains chemicals. In order to reliably verify this, simply omit the fruit in a bowl of warm water and, if on the surface there were bright spots, then this product is dangerous for health.

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