The Health Benefits of Birch Sap

220820163Many of us have heard that birch sap is very useful for the human body. However, few people will be able to call it unique properties. In addition, commercially available it can be seen not so often. But today, our topic of conversation – the use of birch sap, so you need to carefully understand all the nuances.

1. Restorative and tonic. It can help you strengthen your immune system. It is often used in diseases such as angina and pulmonary tuberculosis. Recall that the juice is useful in diseases of the stomach and intestines.
2. Application in cosmetology. In cosmetology birch sap without simply can not do. This is due to the fact that it has a positive effect on the skin. Thanks to him, it remains longer young and taut.
3. Vitamin drink. On birch sap possible to insist: rose, black chokeberry, linden and chamomile. This juice will have a real boom of vitamin in the body.

It is worth noting that the only useful fresh juice. If buying canned juice, it would not be beneficial for the body (most will have quite the opposite effect).

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