The Iimpact of the Computer on the Human Body

15101615We live in the digital age, so the computers are all around us.

But few people realize the impact that this technological element of our health.

Of course, the computer helps us work, play and even earn money. It is its use should be metered. If you work at a computer, then every hour it is necessary to get up and do gymnastics. The fact is that with a long stay in a sitting position in front of monitor your muscles lose their tone and disturbed I correct posture. This can lead to poor circulation and cause a number of serious diseases.

Also, the computer has a negative impact on vision. The human eye was not originally designed to constantly stare at one point, and where is the source of light. In the end, after a long prosizhivaniya for PC there are various vision problems. To avoid this, you need to take breaks from working at the computer and carry out special exercises.

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