The Lack of Sleep is Dangerous

14101617For normal operation of the body, in addition to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, you need a good night’s sleep, which should last at night for about 8 hours.

As is known, lack of sleep, as well as oversleeping adversely affect health. Above all dangerously inadequate sleep time, as a result of this, besides the negative psychological state, a person gains weight, which entails the occurrence of diabetes, which in turn has a negative effect on the heart.

Many people who suffer from diabetes are insulin-dependent, and is already a chronic disease that is cured, practically impossible. They can only maintain the normal condition in which you want to restrict yourself from many foods.

Here is what the consequences can cause frequent lack of sleep, which at first glance seems so harmless. Such a risk of diseases susceptible to those people who have to work night shifts.

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