The Lack of Vitamins in the Body

2909201610If you begin to notice that you have started losing his hair or nails exfoliate, it is likely that all the body’s lack of vitamins. Most often the problem faced by women in the diet. During this period, the body is experiencing a real stress. So, sort out the issue in greater detail.

If the skin became dry and began to peel, then the body lacks vitamin A. Be sure to include in the diet: fish, eggs, dairy products. It is important to eat orange vegetables (carrots, pumpkin).

If you notice a problem with the hair (dull, brittle), the body lacks vitamin E. It is found in nuts, oils, eggs, eggs.

If a problem occurs with the nails, everything is a bit more complicated. Rather, the entire body originated lack many vitamins (A, E) and minerals (magnesium, calcium). To make up for the lack of them, you need to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

It is worth noting that all the vitamins are best taken in the morning feather. This is due to their digestibility. Eat right, and not get sick!

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