The List of Aphrodisiacs

020920165Spring wakes up not only nature. Men and women in this period are much more active. Especially this applies to single people. How do you want to meet a loved one. Both women and men go to hunt. In this period there is a lot of acquaintances. It all starts with the meeting. How do you want to surprise partner. How do you do that ?! This is not difficult, the main thing you need to eat the “right” foods. Very often they are called aphrodisiacs.

1. Oysters. The oysters contain a lot of zinc and iron, and these trace elements are very useful for men.
2. Asparagus. With asparagus can enhance sexual desire, not only men but also women. The asparagus a lot of vitamin A and phosphorus.
3. Artichoke. With the help of the artichoke can be enhanced libido. This is due to the fact that increases plant metabolic processes all Morganism.
4. Eggs. Eggs contain a lot of protein. It is known that a protein – this is the best sexual stimulant.
5. Greens. Most vitamins and minerals contained in the dill, parsley and salad leaves.

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