The Menu of Romantic Dinner

270820165Every woman wants to surprise and pamper her lover. To do this, there is no better way than a romantic dinner. How wonderful to drink a glass of wine and enjoy delicious food. However, you should always select the menu carefully, because some products may have a negative impact and spoil a wonderful dinner. What should be excluded from the diet?

1. Legumes. Very often legumes can cause bloating. This product is better not to use a romantic dinner on the menu, because it may be a nuisance in the most embarrassing moment.
2. Chocolate. Chocolate may not only cause sexual activity, but to suppress it. This applies to any kind of chocolate (white, black, milk).
3. Fried dishes. All meals from fast foods (cheeseburgers, hamburgers) negatively affect libido, so better to refuse from them in anticipation of a romantic dinner.
4. Popcorn. Popcorn taste like much, but we must remember that it reduces libido.

If you are cooking dinner, it is best to focus on seafood, fruits and vegetables. Recall seafood – this is a great aphrodisiac, which will strongly stimulate the appetite.

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