The Myths about Adult Diseases

310820165On this subject as sexual infections, not to say out loud. In today’s world it is considered something shameful. However, if there was not a lot of people faced with infections that are sexually transmitted. In this topic, you need to understand more, because there are a lot of myths that need dispelling.

1. Infections everywhere. Now there is a lot of information that human infections lurk everywhere (syphilis – handrails in public transport, and chlamydia – in the pool). However, it should be understood that the outdoor micro-organisms can not live long. A carrier can only be – human.
2. You can not recover until the end. This question is ambiguous answer. This is due to the fact that many pathogens are opportunistic. This can be explained as – pathogenic microorganisms are not considered as long as their amount does not exceed the limit. The impetus for their reproduction may become – stress, lowered immunity.
3. Inaccurate analyzes. Currently, there are many tests that can be used to identify the presence of the pathogen in the body with almost 100% probability.
4. Expensive treatment. Not costly treatment and tests themselves. For treating bacterial infections is needed only one antibiotic.
5. Unscrupulous doctors. Many physicians – scam artists who treat people from non-existent diseases. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon.

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