The Products From which the Teeth Yellow

130820162Many of us suffer from yellow plaque on the teeth. This is a great aesthetic problem, which is forced to be afraid to smile widely and permanently hide your teeth when dealing with other people. It turns out that there are a number of products that directly affect the appearance of yellow plaque on the teeth.

For example, the regular consumption of tea or coffee, containing large amounts of tannins, can provide years of tooth yellow. That is why, after every cup of tea it is necessary to rinse with water teeth.
You’d be surprised, but the yellow plaque on the teeth leave even such useful products as white wine or soy sauce. The fault contains various acids, which have a negative impact on the state of the tooth enamel, but is present in the soy sauce natural pigment, which adheres to the tooth surface and creates a spot.

Of course, this does not mean that you should completely limit the consumption of these products, because they are of great benefit to the body. Just after every meal, it is necessary to rinse your teeth or clean them with the help of chewing gum.

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