The Products That Are Most Useful Autumn

27101617In order to avoid diseases of winter cold or flu, now is the time to take care of the strengthening of the organism, the more that the stores have a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that contain all the nutrients.

One such product is the beets, because it contains a unique composition of vitamins and minerals, this vegetable does not lose its beneficial properties during heat treatment.

Among berries, one of the most useful is the cranberry, which grows in the forests, therefore, it is considered an environmentally friendly product. But not only that, this berry is useful because, due to high content of vitamin C, it is able to resist viral infections, especially since it does not lose its properties during freezing.

The walnuts and hazelnuts contain a lot of useful minerals, as well as oil, consisting of organic acids, not to mention the presence of proteins and carbohydrates.

Also, you need every day to include in your diet foods such as grapes and eggplant.