The Reasons for Divorce After 50 Years?

13101620The situation when the couple decided to divorce in later life, looks quite unusual and illogical.

Many young people can not understand how people decide to divorce after the age of 50 years, when almost the entire life lived together. However, according to experts, divorce elderly lately become as frequent as young families.

Psychologists say that one of the key reasons for late divorce is a loss of interest in your partner. Previously, the husband and wife can compensate for this by increasing attention to the children, then after the children grow up and create their own family, an elderly married couple no longer holds anything and they decide to divorce.

Instead of having to live out the years of old age in the family, they choose freedom and loneliness. In most cases, it is a conscious choice that has nothing to do with a nervous breakdown or some emergencies (cheating, lying, and so on), as is often the case with young people.

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