The Reasons for Overeating

2109201610Everyone knows that the cause of excess weight – is overeating and a sedentary lifestyle. In other words, the person receives more calories than it spends.

So, to be in good shape, you need to walk more and do not overeat. However, people often “seize” their problems. At the slightest difficulty want to eat twice more than usual. What are the main reasons for overeating is isolated?

1. No lover. Single women find themselves only a source of pleasure – this meal. With the advent of all men can change.
2. Stress. Persistent problems at work, quarrel with close people. All this can lead to overeating.
3. Emotional stress. There are two types of people. Some experience with general refuse to eat, while others – hard seize all the problems of another portion of ice cream.
4. Loneliness. This item can be equated to the first. If a woman is not someone to rely on, it starts to eat more. It is a time rewarding.

As if there was not, you need to work on yourself and change your life dramatically for the better!

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