The Reasons for Poor Sleep

Sleep is necessary for everyone. In the dream, man is resting and gaining strength. But it so happens that the dream does not come easy. H is a good reason.

So let’s understand what can prevent sleep?

1. Dinner. Intimate dinner – this is one of the main enemies of a healthy sleep. Sleep is necessary to go to bed without feeling hungry, but at the same time, the stomach should not be too full. It should always be a happy medium. The dinner should always consist of light dishes.
2. Sports. Exercise is best in the morning. Evening exercise a negative impact on the nervous system, so sleep comes.
3. No mode. The absence of the regime – it’s a bad habit. Going to bed should always be at one and the same time. Take this rule. This Pi refuse watching TV before going to bed.
4. Air. In the room where you sleep, should always be clean and fresh air. Ventilate the room frequently. Do not forget, before bedtime walk in the park. It is a good habit that will quickly go to sleep.

As you can see, healthy sleep, you can give yourself. This is no big deal!

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