The Researchers Do not Recommend Waking Up Early

080820163The stereotype that a person should wake up early and this is the key to good health, recently questioned. In particular, scientists from Japan after studies concluded that early morning rises a negative effect on the central nervous system, as well as on the work of the heart.

In particular, a group of researchers from Kyoto analyzed the vital activity of several thousand people. It turns out that more than 90% of those who wakes up every day very early, has a higher risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system, heart attack and stroke.

Experts explain such results by the fact that a person who wakes up very early, biorhythms and all metabolic processes include premature, so the body itself is not yet ready for them. In this regard, an early breakfast is poorly absorbed by the digestive system and the heart is experiencing higher loads and more often there are a variety of diseases associated with his work.

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