The Revolutionary Method of Contraception for Men

27101619Until now, contraception for men has been limited to only a barrier or a radical method, vasectomy.

But, according to the Daily Mail, an alternative might be. Its essence, temporary infertility. In the new method, the sperm men at a time, loses its ability to move. Medical portal Meddaily, gives details of alternatives. So-called enzymes produced synthetically, play a key role.

Their task is to block the sperm tail. Thus, sperm devoid of vehicles, and fertilization impossible. The chemical structure of the compounds allows that, on the base of synthetic enzymes now be kontatseptivy create, for example, in tablets or in rapid spray exposure. Fertility returns soon.

Professor John Hole, conducted experiments with enzymes. Hole considers that the substance obtained, able to make a revolution in this direction. It perfectly fulfills the function of the sperm tail lock. Testing the drug on animals is not far off.