The Risk of Pregnancy after 30 Years

090920164Modern women are in no hurry to have children. According to them, one must first get all the material things, and then start a family. No one is saying that there is something wrong. But doctors are sounding the alarm – the pregnancy after 30 is fraught with some danger. But is all the situation really ?!

1. Down Syndrome. It is believed that a woman after 30 years of a child may be born with abnormalities were more likely. This is not quite true. If the woman is healthy, then it has all the chances of having a good kid. Before you begin to conceive, need to be examined and strictly follow all the recommendations of a gynecologist.
2. Twins. Many believe that after 30 years increases the probability of the birth of twins. Even if this happens, then that’s great.
3. Caesarean section. Many women believe that after years we can have only by Caesarean section. There can not be clearly argued. The doctor will look at the state of health of the pregnant woman. If there are no deviations and pathologies that a woman can give birth alone. All cases are individual.

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