The Rules for Healthy Sleep

170920169Normal sleep should not be less than 6 hours. During this time, the body will recover. However, it often happens that a man goes to bed but can not fall asleep until late at night. To avoid this, you need to stick to very simple rules.

1. Food. Never before bedtime does not need to overeat. After six o’clock in the evening is not worth eating.
2. Yogurt and tea. Before going to sleep you need to drink milk instead of yogurt. If you do not like milk, you can drink a glass of mint tea.
3. Thoughts. Before going to bed you do not need to watch TV or work on the computer.
4. Ritual. Think for yourself procedure that will prepare you to sleep (hot tub, spa treatments).
5. Walk. Before going to sleep you need to walk. Evening walk will have a positive effect on sleep.
6. Reading. Do not read in bed. If this is done, the bed will never be associated with sleep.
7. The usual situation. Make the bedroom a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Here, each person picks up all by itself. Do not forget to ventilate the room before going to bed.

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