The Secret of Beautiful Legs

290920162Every woman should always look perfect. This concerns not only the hairstyle or make-up, but also a well-groomed feet. A woman should always be beautiful and well-groomed heels pedicure. It is possible to say a rule that can not be ignored. It is important to monitor this area all year round and not just during the summer when you need to wear open shoes. So, what procedures can fulfill the woman herself at home?

1. Refresh the skin. In winter your feet shod with real stress test. To help them, you need a few times a week to do warm baths with added herbs.
2. Processing. In winter, the legs need to process 2 times a week. At this point, you need to remove all the rough skin. If there is corn, in any case, they are not cut off. At this point, you can make yourself a pedicure.
3. Massage. Do not forget to perform regular foot massage, it improves blood circulation. After that, apply a nourishing cream.

As you can see, to be perfectly beautiful woman, it is necessary not so much!

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