The Secret of the Perfect Asian Skin

1510166Many are well aware that the girls from Asia are always very beautiful and smooth skin.

Naturally, the majority of European women interested in how they manage to achieve such a stunning effect? In fact, there are a number of specific factors that contribute to this.

For example, many Asians wash 2 times. For the first time they spend long cleansing oil using special tools and then wash with water. Also in Korea beauticians recommend not to smear the cream on the face, but just to put it light point moves – it allows you to maintain the integrity of the epidermis.

Also, women with a diet of Asian appearance is always present the fish (a source of healthy fats) and green tea – a powerful source of antioxidants and beneficial ingredients for the skin.

Many women in Japan have special videos for the face and massage it regularly, which allows smooth wrinkles and significantly improve blood circulation in the area.

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