The Secrets of a Perfect Marriage

310820169Every woman dreams of a perfect marriage. But in this case, to dream a little. We need to work hard to live with her husband in perfect harmony. Only the wise and patient woman can achieve a good result. So, what advice give women who have been married for more than a year ?!

1. Interest. Always interesting affairs and interests of a loved one.
2. Talk. Carefully listen to her husband during a call.
3. Criticism. Never criticize your partner. Remember, sooner or later you plucked to answer.
4. Orders. You never need to order. It is much wiser to ask for help.
5. Errors. No one is immune from mistakes. Most importantly, be able to accept them.
6. Praise. Do not forget to praise your man. Remember, men need it no less than women.
7. Understanding. Always try to maintain and understand each other.
8. Do not quarrel. You should never quarrel over trifles. It is much wiser to discuss the problem and solve it.
9. Smile. Most smiled at each other. A smile works wonders.
10. Love. The most important thing in a marriage – it is love. Love and be loved!

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