The Secrets of Eternal Love

300820167Every couple wants to love each other forever. But it is not always like that, because everyone knows that there is no eternal love in the world. But this does not mean that we can not aspire to it. As is, to keep the love and marriage?

1. Tests. In married life is not all perfect. To live a truly happy, you need to pass a lot of tests is very important to do so with our heads held high.
2. Care. It is important to care for each other. Remember, the care manifested in the details. On this depends the happiness of man.
3. Humor. Learn how to look at life with a smile. It is not necessary to go constantly with a bad mood. Learn together to enjoy life and have fun.
4. Sex. Do not be afraid to experiment in bed.
5. Charges. It is not necessary to fill each other’s accusations. Learn to understand the issue on the merits.
6. Attractiveness. Years pass, so often talk to each other compliments.
7. Secrets. Little secrets are taking place. For example, do not like to have to know what you ate today, two servings of ice cream.

Remember, just because of true love, you can save your marriage.

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