The Secrets of Youth

260820162Beauty … Not all women seek it to her ?! Of course. There is no woman who would not want to preserve their beauty into old age. What are the secrets you need to know to do that ?! Maybe you need to be not only beautiful in appearance, but also internally.

1. Thoughts. You should never overload the head with unnecessary thoughts. Just live.
2. Talk. Do not talk too much. It is best to show in practice. Anyone who talks a lot, does little.
3. Work. During the execution of any job you should always make small breaks. This will help maintain good vision.
4. Emotions. Keep track of your emotions (whether it is joy or sadness).
5. Do not be angry. Stop being angry over nothing. Be kind to others.
6. Do not overeat. You always have to get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger. Besides I need to eat slowly and chew – carefully.
7. Rush. When performing any case no need to rush.
8. Meditation. Take time to relax and bring thoughts in order.
9. Extremes. Do not go to extremes, it is best to stick to the golden mean.
10. Love. Love mad …

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