The Sensational Discovery of Vitamin D

26101619Scientists from America were able to discover the unusual properties of vitamin D.

The researchers argue that in addition to the fact that this vitamin is used for the prevention of rickets in children, so more and the fact that vitamin D can stop the aging process of the human body. Conducted research and experiments they proved in practice those properties that were previously doctors assumed only in theory.

A team of specialists, who studied the effect of the sun on the body and the human body as a whole, were incredibly surprised at how meager were previously providing about vitamin D. They have done some research experiments, which have found that vitamin D has a positive effect at the cellular level and helps prevent the process aging. Roughly speaking, it is able to extend human life.

According to scientists the sun vitamin, penetrating into the body takes a certain shape, which can interfere with clotting proteins. Thus, the work of the proteins is not broken. Vitamin D can not only stop the aging process, but also prevent the development of disease Altsheymer. We explore the unique properties of the “sunshine” vitamin in the worms. What has once again confirmed the positive properties of vitamin D.