The Term of Use of Everyday Household Objects

13101611Buying food, many of you will be sure to look at the shelf life, and this is understandable, because no fresh food can easily cause poisoning.

However, hardly anyone thinks about how long you can use everyday objects that we face on a daily basis at home. It turns out that many of them there is also a shelf life, and not so long as you think.

Take, for example, bedding. As it became known, one can use the blanket for 8 years, as in the future, it does not lose heat only quality but also accumulates various fungi, whereby it is possible to obtain a variety of skin diseases. Regarding the pads, the duration of their use even less 2-3 years. Over this period, pillows lose their original shape and become storage mites.

A much shorter period allotted use cleansers, which you used to enjoy while swimming, this accessory should be changed every six months, but the toothbrush every 3 months, because of accumulated bacteria in them, you run the risk of various infections.

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