The Use of Calendula in Cosmetics

270820163Many in the garden or vegetable garden is growing very bright flower color orange. It still has a very peculiar smell. Of course, without exception, we have guessed that we are talking about calendula. However, few know that the flower is widely used in cosmetology.

It is often used in the manufacture calendula ointments, tinctures, creams. Due to the properties of calendula skin recovers faster because out inflammation and irritation. Besides using calendula may be smoothed wrinkles and make them less noticeable. When wounds and cuts, you can use calendula ointment. The wound will heal twice as fast (ointment can be purchased at the pharmacy). All infusions can cook yourself. If you do not want, you can buy in a drugstore calendula tincture ready and diluted with water. In addition, calendula always help to cope with acne (especially in adolescence). In order to become more beautiful hair, you can also use calendula. When dandruff – it means number one.

As you can see, calendula very versatile tool and it is completely affordable.

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