The Useful Sweets

150920169Many women simply can not give up the sweet candy or cake. But these products can become a cause of excess weight. If you do not want to have the extra inches around the waist, then you need to eat sweets useful. Remember, they will not harm the figure.

1. Dried fruits. Instead of candy you can always eat dried fruits.
2. Honey. Instead of sugar, much wiser and healthier to eat honey.
3. Oatmeal cookies. Instead of cookies with a cream you need to eat oatmeal cookies.
4. Yogurt. Instead of ice cream is always best to eat low-fat yogurt. Remember the ice cream contains too many calories.
5. Fruit salad. Instead of having to constantly eat sweets, it is better to eat more fruit.
6. Chocolate. Of course, chocolate can not be replaced. It is not necessary to drive your body into a state of stress. Nobody forbids to eat chocolate, but the portions should be reasonable.

As you can see, to lose weight and become more attractive, it is necessary only to give up sweets. Sometimes, to make it not so easy, but the beauty demands great sacrifice on the part of women.

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