The water from plastic bottles is dangerous!

2908168Today, virtually every person on the planet is water from plastic bottles for drinking and cooking.

We are used to this and do not even think, some are at more risk own body. It turns out that this water is very dangerous for the body. At least, this proves the last research of scientists from the United States, which have made great efforts to study the structure and properties of the liquid.

The research results prove that plastic bottle is dangerous for water storage. The use of such water in food can cause a number of significant diseases. For example, it is because it can cause severe headaches, and problems with the digestive system.

Also, if the manufacturer uses the cheapest inedible plastic, it is several times increases the risk of disease. That is why, that protect your body from these effects, experts recommend to buy water in glass bottles or in metal cans. This also applies to sugary drinks.

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