The Youth Became Involved in Sex Less

090820169Despite the fact that we now live in an era of free relations, and advocacy for sex, number of sexual acts committed by representatives of the new generation of the planet is significantly reduced. In particular, the research shows that the generation of people born after 1981, much less sex than their parents. The official figures are staggering. It turns out that among those surveyed 28,000 turned out more than 15% of respondents aged 20 to 24 years, who still have not had any sexual experience. Experts note that the reduction of youth sexual activity is directly linked with the development of technology. In particular, the majority of young men and women spend a huge amount of time on social networks, there is little talk live and rarely go out. In this regard, there is a process of social degradation of society. Not surprisingly, it is for this reason, the number of sexual contacts is rapidly declining. Also today, the Internet is very much available adult videos, so young people are less likely to try to find a real partner for sex.

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