Tips for those who have decreased stomach acidity

10101614For most people, there is increased acidity of the stomach, but also encountered many cases when a person suffers from low acidity.

In any case, this health disorder requiring treatment, because a healthy person should be a normal secretion of gastric juice.

If a person has a low level of acidity in the stomach, it can disrupt the entire digestive tract, as well as negatively affects the pancreas.

The first signs that you are lowered acidity, nausea, heartburn, heaviness in the stomach. Treatment of this disease is carried in a complex that includes diet and periodic sanatorium treatment with the use of mineral water.

Among the foods that you must enter in the diet, it is necessary to give preference to apricots, cucumbers and cabbage, which is desirable to cook for a couple. In order to increase the acidity of a good drink teas made from the leaves of blueberries, sweet flag root, rose hips.

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