Tips For those Who Want to Improve

26101616Recently, most people concerned with the problem of overweight, because it contributes to the development of various diseases, including chronic and which are difficult to cure throughout life. Therefore, such people tend to stick to diet, not to gain extra calories.

However, there are also people who have been underweight, which also affects the health and, in their opinion, gain normal weight, for them is a problem.

To recover, you must first find out the reason why underweight. Typically, this is due to a low-calorie food, as a result of rapid metabolism in the body, as well as diseases of the stomach and the endocrine system.

If underweight is associated with diseases, then you first need to cure them, but in order to get better, you should include in your diet foods that contain slow carbohydrates, such as pasta, cereal variety of crops, as well as fatty fish varieties.

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