Tips to Allergies

2000920169Nowadays more and more people are faced with the allergy. The most common allergy begins in the summer, during the active flowering ragweed. This period is necessary to survive. But it’s easy to say, much more difficult for those who have all the symptoms (nasal congestion, tearing, itching).

As if there was not, every person with this disease, you need to see a doctor, so that he appointed a competent treatment.

But sometimes the help is very simple tips that can help a sick person feel relieved.

1. Wet cleaning. Every day spent at home wet cleaning.
2. Shower. After a walk – take a shower. This will wash away all the pollen from the body. The clothes in the street never wear at home. You should always change. In addition, do not forget to gargle and rinse your nose.
3. Airing. Every day you need to ventilate the apartment. Before you open the door you need to hang the wet gauze to pollen could not enter the house.
4. Air conditioning. If a family has allergies, it can not do without air conditioning. The same applies to the humidifier.
5. Refusal of bad habits. Allergy contraindicated smoking and drinking alcohol, as it can only worsen the situation.

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