Tips When Applying Marilyn Monroe Makeup

Tips When Applying Marilyn Monroe MakeupBlond remain in the memory of many people forever.

It was excellent: full lips, seductive eyes, long eyelashes. In a woman’s hard not to fall in love. Rather, thanks to its bright appearance, many women want to be like it was at Monroe. To achieve this, you need to know the secrets of applying make-up star.

  • The use of petroleum jelly as a base under make-up. In celebrity I have dry skin, so it was necessary to thoroughly Kaufen Maxi Size Deutschland moisturize. From Monroe refused to use the cream. She explained this by the fact that their composition is always quite controversial.
  • The application of oil on the eyelids. According to Monroe opinion, there is nothing more beautiful than ever and beaming. For this purpose the ideal coconut oil.
  • The application of multiple colors of lipsticks. Monroe Lips have always been chubby. Undoubtedly, these were not natural data, but only correctly applying makeup. To do this, use different shades of red lipsticks.
  • Unusual eye makeup. Monroe’s eyes always stood out white shadows. Apply them had prior to the growth of eyebrows. With this makeup look becomes very deep and fascinating.

Tips From The Past

The modern industry of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries can certainly create excellent cosmetics products that are widely used by girls and women around the world.

Sometimes men can joke with black humor, namely that in the evening I met a beautiful girl with whom I spent an exciting kupiti Maxi Size Hrvatska night, but as soon as I woke up in the morning, I immediately thought that I had not slept with a beauty, but I did not understand with whom. This fact hints at us that a lot of girls are very selective cosmetics for themselves or they turn to professional specialists, which helps them to achieve excellent appearance, even in cases when there is no compelling appearance of the person.

But still some 50-70 years ago, people did not have such a developed technological progress that it did not allow them to be so bright and expressive, in the case of the female sex. And how did women get out of this situation?

Well, you need to start with the fact that before the male priorities were slightly different from the modern ones. Today if a girl does not wear clothes of a sexual plan, she will not enjoy success among the male audience. Of course, this does not mean that the girls Vásárlás Maxi Size Magyarország did not use cosmetics at all. Previously, as a blush could use beetroot. In order to have a slightly different color of hair used dyes based on egg yolk egg. And to moisturize your skin, many women used sea buckthorn oil and some other oils.

To cleanse the skin throughout the body and give it an excellent flavor in the fashion were baths. They could use pine needles, spruce kupiti Maxi Size Slovenija and fir, which completely destroyed all possible fungi, scrubs removed dead skin, and when using honey they could get tender skin and rejuvenate it.

By the way, today several theses of past methods are relevant today. Only in ancient times it was available to everyone, but today only elite ladies in expensive salons of SPA use this service. By the way, anti-cellulite massages of the buttocks and legs are also cumpăra Maxi Size România used from past traditions. To do this, use saturated aromatic oils and various attributes of objects such as stones or wooden rocking chairs