To Accelerate Circulatory After Sleep Do Massage

11111614On how we wake up it depends largely on the mood throughout the day.

Surely, many of you after the alarm clock jump sharply, afraid of being late for work. Scientists have long proved that during sleep in humans slowed down all processes including blood flow. Therefore, immediately after the sleep you need to stay in bed for at least 10 minutes, while it is desirable to stretch and make a simple massage. For this massage the area of the temple and the age of such simple procedures will help to establish circulation.

In addition, the small morning exercises allow to warm up all the muscles, and a contrast shower improve health and give cheerfulness. But a glass of clean water with lemon and drunk on an empty stomach, will not only help the digestion, but also improve the tone.

But on the coffee at this time of day, it is better to forget, since use of this drink on an empty stomach increases the acidity, resulting in an unpleasant feeling such as heartburn. It is best to drink half an hour after lunch.

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