To Lose Weight You Need to Chew Food

080820162Today, almost any health magazine or on the Internet can find a lot of variety of tips and advice on losing weight. But it is not always possible to lose weight only through proper diet and increased physical activity. Recent research results show that keeping your weight is normal, and relieving excess body fat can be even if you chew.

Many of those who do not chew food and swallow it quickly, have a higher risk of weight gain excess body. But if you are careful and long chew each portion of their food, then this helps the stomach to digest it faster. Due to this excess does not remain unprocessed foods, which later is converted into fat and remains in the body.

Experiments show that the amount of food consumed and the number of chewing movements of the mouth when it is processing is a key factor in weight loss. Therefore, if you want to save his own piece in perfect condition, do not rush quickly is – carefully and thoroughly chew each food portion.

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