To strengthen health sauna

30091614These days, when almost every house has all the amenities, a lot fewer people began to visit the baths.

A few decades ago the city baths were full of people, where people are not only washed, but went into the steam room to get a good sweat.

Such procedures help to improve health and strengthen the immune system.
In Finland, where saunas are very popular among the population, the researchers conducted an experiment in which it was reported that those persons who regularly visit the baths are much less likely to suffer from heart disease. This is due to the fact that while in the steam room, the body temperature increases, on average, up to 40 degrees, which favorably influences the circulatory system.

Restrictions for the sauna, practically does not exist, the only one who should be avoided, it is those people who have problems with the kidneys, because, due to sweating a lot going on dehydration.

But, the widespread belief that using the sauna, you can lose weight, is erroneous, since the body does not appear fat and liquid, which quickly restored.