Tonic for the face of the green tea

08101612Do you think that in order to care for a person, you will need a lot of money and the help of a special cosmetologist?

You are greatly mistaken. In fact, to provide a good and effective care for himself and his face maybe even if you’re using quite ordinary products.

For example, cleansing tonic for the face can be made at home. To do this, you only have green tea and a number of additional components. In particular, we take a glass of water and heat it to boiling point. Next, the dry leaves of green tea to soak in the water and wait until 10 minutes pass. Then we wait for the beverage to cool down and put it in the fridge. Before going to bed every day, apply a small amount of this tea on a cotton swab and wipe them face.

After 10-14 days of daily treatments you will notice the improvement of the skin, wrinkles and many other positive properties.

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