Toothpaste With Triclosan is Harmful Properties

05111615According to dental experts, the use of toothpaste containing in its composition such component as triclosan is hazardous to health.

Any toothpaste is a combination of different chemical element, some of which are able to directly harm the teeth and oral cavity in general.

Experts have established that the use of toothpaste with triclosan provokes the development of the oral cavity such thing as dysbiosis characterized by violation of the numerical balance of harmful and beneficial microorganisms.

Dentists indicate that triclosan exhibits itself as a chemical element ineffective in combating pathogenic microorganisms, moreover, it can suppress the vital activity of beneficial microflora, thereby creating a favorable environment for growth of harmful bacteria.

The most effective component in the fight for the purity and oral health, dentists are called members of the group “natural antibiotic”: cedar oil, chlorophyll, Japanese honeysuckle.

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