Treating Colds Without Pills

2910162In the winter increases the risk of colds, and this is natural, because, as we have not tried to protect themselves from this disease, there are situations when the body is subjected to hypothermia.

When the first signs of a cold, such as runny nose, sore throat, it is best to consult a doctor and take off from work, so that the body has fought better and faster with this disease. If tighten with treatment, as many do, you may experience a variety of complications for which treatment is required not only time but also money.

However, nature gave us some products, using which, the initial stage of a cold can be cured, even without the use of medications.

The first thing to consider with the disease, it is to give up fast, because the body needs strength to fight infection. In your diet is necessary to include grapefruit, which in addition to enriching the body with vitamins, will give additional strength.

Also helpful baked apples, lemons, honey, as well as onions and garlic.