Tricks that Help to Eat Less

090920161Every woman wants to be slim and attract the attention of men. But to lose weight is very difficult. What to do if you ever want to eat ?! Yes, in fact, the problem faced by many women. But not so scary. There is a way out of this situation, because there are many ways to help to eat a lot less.

1. Silence. It is very important to eat in silence. If music is playing or you are watching TV, you are sure to eat more.
2. Walk. Before the meal is very important to walk down the street. Walking reduces the feeling of hunger.
3. Mint, banana, apple. Before you begin to receive food, you need to smell an apple, banana or mint.
4. Blue. Scientists have shown that blue suppresses appetite. To do this, lay a blue cloth in the kitchen.
5. Children’s dishes. Buy yourself a small plate, fork, spoon. From small dishes do not get to eat a lot.
6. Listen to yourself. If you do not want to eat, you do not need to eat for the company.
7. Sleep. Do you want to be slim? Go to bed no later than 23.00. To lose weight, you need to get enough sleep.
8. Clean teeth. If you have dinner, brush your teeth. This will prevent the temptation to eat again.

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